William’s Fashion Shoes

The Future of Footwear and Fashion


Have you ever purchased a really nice, expensive pair of shoes only to find you couldn’t wear them? Are they too tight in some areas? Can’t keep them on your feet? Blisters and back aches appear whether you wear them all day or have to stand for short periods, take for an example a party?


William’s Fashion Shoes in Corpus Christi can help. William’s Fashion Shoes has been at the forefront in ladies and men’s footwear and fashion for Corpus Christi and surrounding area. They are the only shoe store south of San Antonio and Houston to offer a unique line of biomechanical footwear, Abeo, which are the only shoes with a 3-D fit! These are evolutionary sandals and shoes which are custom fit to the contours of your feet which allow for superior comfort, support and body alignment. Customers are even sent to William’s Fashion Shoes by their Podiatrist for this foot-saving biomechanical footwear!


On your visit your feet will be digitally analyzed to get your exact length, width and arch type, basically creating a 3-D digital footprint. This “digital footprint” will be matched up with the optimal orthotic and arch type to ensure your perfect fit. Then, pick out your favorite B.I.O. system style shoe. Your optimal orthotic type is already “built into” the foot-bed of your new favorite pair of shoes! It’s just that simple and the orthotic is included in the price of the shoes!


What makes Abeo shoes so comfortable? It’s the advanced technology and materials which are infused into classic shoe designs, enhancing your own biomechanics. You can choose from stylish and comfortable shoes (sandals, casual and dress shoes for men and women), that support your feet, align your body, balance weight distribution, increase stability and reduces foot fatigue and stress on your joints.


Over the past 2000 years, life expectancy has increased from 35 to 85 years; however the lifespan of your joints has essentially remained the same. Abeo footwear is focused on helping you extend the lifespan of your joints by designing shoes that allow you to move more and in greater comfort.


There is only one Abeo Digital Foot Analysis Station located in the South Texas Coastal area and you’ll find it at William’s Fashion Shoes. But that’s not all you’ll find!


Comfort, style, quality, and personal service are important but scarce these days but you can still find it all at William’s Fashion Shoes. Their selection of shoes is based on the latest trends in fashion, as well as loyalty to the long-held traditions of customer service attested to by Williams’ dedicated followers. Brands carried at William’s include Mephisto, Stuart Weitzman, Cole Haan, Marc Joseph New York, Brenda Zaro and more!


Along with select casual clothing for both men and women, there are also beautiful handbags and accessories to choose from that go along with those fab shoes. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to William’s Fashion Shoes and treat your feet to some quality comfort. Whether you’re looking for shoes for a night on the town, hiking a trail, or relaxing on the beach, you’ll find it at William’s!


William’s Fashion Shoes is located at 3849 S. Alameda in Corpus Christi.


(361) 851-0094