Welcome To Belt Sander Racing

Welcome To Belt Sander Racing, A South Texas Coastal Institution!


Locals in South Texas, especially in the coastal town of Fulton, gather together on the 1st and 3rd Saturday during the months of October through March at Legends International Raceway at Legends Saloon. They drink a few beers and enjoy the guerilla sport known as “Belt-Sander Racing.” Sound interesting? It really is and as far as anyone knows it all started in 1989 with three men talking guy stuff in Point Roberts, Washington.


If you’re a little unfamiliar with power tools, a belt sander is a hand tool, close to the size of a small loaf of bread, and used for shaping and finishing wood. The sander uses an endless abrasive belt and is powered by an internal electric motor. The conversation those three men were having that day centered on how a belt sander could “get away from you” when you were using it. Before you knew it the South Texas Belt Sander Racing Association was born in 2008 in the Town of Fulton.


There are two classes in belt sander racing: Stock and Modified. To race stock, the only thing that needs to be done is shorten the cord, choose your sand paper and decorate your sander. Other than doing this, you can race Stock Class with a brand new belt sander that you just bought at the store. To race Modified you’ll need to replace the large and small gears (which move the sander) to improve speed.


The standard race track is a 75-foot-long straightaway, equipped with wooden barriers. Belt sanders of all shapes and sizes can go very fast, or very slow. It all depends on the power of the motor. The fastest time on a 75-foot track was 2.2103 seconds recorded by Dudley Harper's “Sudden Death” racer of San Marcos, Texas.  “Sudden Death” was racing at the Legends Saloon in Fulton when he set the new record and the peak velocity of that belt sander at the finish line was in the range of 50–60 miles per hour! Racers are electric, running with the track extension cord, which is 110.  Depending on the motor, a belt sander can typically cover 75 feet in anywhere from 3 to 5 seconds.


 Who would have thought a belt-sander could reach such high speeds! You need to see it for yourself, and it’s all happening at Legends International Raceway located at Legends Saloon in Fulton. Belt sander racing is all about good times and meeting with good friends. The racers see it as a social event with the addition of a “friendly” competition between wood workers. A good motto might be: “May the best belt-sander win!” And compete they do! Currently the South Texas Belt Sander Racing Association has a membership of 20 and the sport draws between 200-300 spectators each season.


These racers are serious about their belt sanders and have participated In the National Belt Sander Races held in Las Vegas. Not only did the Texans win all three places of the modified class and 2nd and 3rd places in stock, a track record was also set, which stands today. These races are serious but they’re also fun!  Many racers will decorate their belt sanders with this and that, giving naming it and it actually acquires a personality. You have to see it to believe it and now’s your chance.


The season has just begun and races are currently underway. The “World Series Championship of Belt Sander Races will be also be taking place this year at Legends International Raceway at Legends Saloon and word on the street is that the Town of Fulton is sponsoring some big prize money (think thousands)! If you want to race now’s the time to get in. Grab your belt sander and head on over to Legends, or you can also have fun and take part as a spectator. The fun times roll when it’s belt sander racing season.


Races take place the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month through the end of March 2017. Doors open at noon and the competition gets started at 2pm. Legends International Raceway at Legends Saloon is located at 3720 Hwy. 35-North in Fulton.


For more information go to: http://sotexbsra.com