Book Review:

The Memory of Us

The romance story of the decade is coming out just in time for summer. “The Memory of Us” tells the story of a young woman coming of age in the early 1900’s. Born into a prominent old moneyed protestant family, the beautiful Julianne Westcott has what every girl wants– a perfect life. That is until she discovers she has a twin brother! Born blind and deaf, he was abandoned and institutionalized since birth. She begins to visit him in secret and there meets Irish Catholic groundskeeper, Kyle McCarthy, who is studying to become a priest.


Torn between a life she had been brought up to live, the disillusionment of her parents’ lie, Kyle’s devotion to the Church, and the intense feelings their forbidden courtship has awakened in her, Julianne knows she must make a choice.


As the war begins to engulf the world and England is decimated by the German Blitz, Julianne suffers a tragic disfiguring accident.  To protect those she loves (so she feels), she leaves everything behind, disappears and builds a new life and identity…until after 20 years of hiding, the truth is uncovered. Is she brave enough to face it and find love again?


Author, Camille Di Maio, grabs the reader’s attention from the very beginning and you’ve got to know more!  Her writing style flows seamlessly from the present to the past and the characters are hauntingly alive.  This is the story of two people brought together by a great love and torn apart by a great war.


Inspired by a Beatles song from the 60’s, you’ll guess which one after the read. Brilliantly written and conceived, I predict this book will be on the New York Times’ Best Seller List before the end of summer.


This is Di Maio’s first novel and readers will be looking forward to reading her next. She lives in San Antonio with her husband Rob and their four beautiful children. She’s hard at work and will soon be completing her second novel.


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