As most historic coastal communities, Port Aransas was originally home to savage Indians and pirates but the years passed and this island city has now become a fishing, beach, and resort village, with summer populations sometimes climbing to 60,000 or more. But the history and mystery still lingers in this small island community and more!


Some say pirates still call Port Aransas home but what we know for a fact is that this was the favorite haunt of these scalawags in the early 1900’s. The most notorious of them all was Capt. Jean Lafitte. He and his buccaneers spent time on the Texas coast and Mustang Island was one of his favorites. Lafitte used Mustang Island as a place to make camp and, according to legend, a place to hide his treasure. Local lore tells of pirate treasure buried in Port Aransas and the treasure chest is supposedly marked by a Spanish silver dagger. It’s believed the dagger is laid on its side with a silver spike driven through the hilt, securing the location.


In the early 20th century, tarpon fishing began to attract anglers and tourists from across America to Port Aransas. Tarpons grow to about 4–8 feet long and weigh between 60–280 lbs. They possess distinctive lateral lines and have shiny, silvery scales that cover most of their bodies, excluding the head. Tarpon fishing was so popular that in 1937, President Roosevelt came to Port Aransas for the specific purpose to land a Tarpon. And land one he did!


Originally called the Texas Tarpon Rodeo Tournament, the Port Aransas Deep Sea Roundup began in 1932. From a handful of local fishing and hunting guides pitting their skills against one another, the Deep Sea Roundup has grown into the largest family fishing tournament on the Texas Gulf Coast.  Drawing over 800 contestants, the roundup attracts fisherpersons of all ages and skill levels and is the oldest fishing tournament on the Texas Coast.  Tarpon fishing was so popular that two of the walls of the historic Tarpon Inn are covered with tarpon scales and each one has the signature and hometown of the angler who caught the tarpon, along with size, weight and date of the catch.


The 81st Deep Sea Roundup takes place from Thursday July the 7th through Sunday the 10th of 2016. The roundup includes offshore, bay, surf, fly fishing and junior divisions, plus a FREE piggy perch contest for the little ones. Registration includes open bar on all three nights, plus a shrimp dump on registration night and full meals on Friday and Saturday nights. You can even watch these big fish get weighed and measured and watch the catch and release videos of Tarpon, Sailfish and Marlin on the big screen. This tournament is considered to be the best value among all the Texas coastal tournaments and proceeds benefit the Boatmen’s’ Scholarship Foundation. 81 years and growing for this historic fishing tournament filled with great food, fun and the best fishing in Texas!


For more information or to preregister for the Deep Sea Roundup visit their website at: www.deepsearoundup.com


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WHEN: Thurs.- Sun. July 7th/10th

WHAT: Fishing Tournament

WHERE: Port Aransas

TIME: Thurs. 2pm-10pm

Fri. & Sat. 6am-10pm

Fish Fry

Sun. 12pm-1pm