The last Palacios Pirate Festival was a rousing success so Barnacle Bill the Pirate decided it was time to throw another! The easiest place for pirates to be holding a big party is right on the water of course so that’s why this Pirate Festival is happening in Palacios! Barnacle Bill’s old shipmate, Dead Bob, who sailed with LaSalle, showed up last year and from what I be thinkin he’s coming back this year!


We pirates know how to have a good time. Just check out the video from last year ifin ye don’t believe me!! The party kicks off on Friday with what else but a PIRATE CARNIVAL at Railroad Park South! Arrr, this be to me likin and there’ll be a fine Sea Shanty Music Concert also with live performances at the “Shipwreck Tavern” located at 515 Commerce @ 6th at the Outrigger Deck)


But that’s not all. There’s fun and games for the ENTIRE family! How would ye like to be on a Treasure Hunt? Arrr it’s a fact it is. Tis treasure all around. Treasure Trove Booths and even a Pirate Boat Parade! Captain Hook’s Water Adventures is Barnacle Bill’s favorite and he’ll also be taking part in the Flag Competition and the Shrimp Gumbo Cook-Off and Tasting! Arrr...tis makin me one eye tear up just thinking about it all. Why there’s even a Winery for those wishing for a bit finer type of grog.


The Palacios Pirate Festival is for EVERYONE and the proceeds are funded back into the community by way of The Palacios Community Hub. The Hub’s mission is strengthening families through literacy and community service. The Hub provides Palacios with a Community Service Center, Early Learning Initiative, Youth Opportunity Center, and Adult/Workforce Preparation. The Hub offers services and programs ‘from twinkle to wrinkle’ and proudly served over 1700 individuals in 2014.


The Hub accomplishes its mission and goals through committees and a dedicated staff. Committees are work units of the organization, and make full use of the time, expertise and commitment of its board members and community volunteers to address issues and achieve goals.


Since Sept. 2014, over 260 teens have participated in Teen Center Activities (decreasing juvenile delinquency), monthly Hub Kid’s Club draws quite a crowd, and numerous adults are actively engaged in English as a Second Language, GED, and computer literacy classes. Last year the Hub started a Home Builder’s Institute at the Palacios Marine Education Center and serves an even greater number of students than ever.


The Community Service Center aims to ensure that Palacios has a ‘go-to’ place where community members can access information, activities, services and resources. The Early Learning Initiative is established to ensure that all children enter kindergarten ready to learn and are ready on grade level by third grade. The Youth Opportunity Center promotes teen development while reducing juvenile delinquency to ensure a positive and productive future. And, the Adult Learning and Workforce Development programs empower adults with the skills needed to be better equipped to enter the workforce or obtain more adequate employment.


Apart from the fun our whole community will have in participating in the festival it is also designed for two important reasons: (1) To address the summer slide – the fall back in learning that happens to our children over the summer months when they are out of school – we need to heave ho and keep them on track! And, (2) to raise booty for year round Hub programs to help children and their families in areas of education, workforce development and wellness.


Looks like the pirate booty will be going for a great and worthy cause! So ye scurvy scallywags better drag your sorry keesters out t’join in the fun at the Palacios Pirate Festival or ye’ll be mighty sorry! And ye best be aware of a change in the horizon line as you sail into Palacios because there is a big new beach expansion and pavilion awaiting ye!!


2nd Annual Palacios Pirate Festival

What:4th of July Carnival

When: Thurs. June 30 - July 5, 2016

Where: Fulton Harbor Park